May Goal Recap & New Goals for June!

May Goal Recap & June Goals

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Okay, there are only a few days left in May, so I figured it was time to go ahead and take a look at last month’s goals and set some new goals for June. I’ll be honest and say right now without looking back I can’t even remember what goals I set. I don’t think healthy eating or exercising crossed my mind this month until a  few days ago when I realized I had gained 20 lbs, and, I really don’t think I met a lot of my goals this month, so let’s see…

Fitness & Health:
-Walk 30+ miles this month Nope.
-Eat at home 6 days per week Nope.
-Increase water intake to 50+ ounces a day Nope.
-Be done working after nap time each day- no excuses! I’m not sure?
-Read 2 books this month I read one!
-Have 30 minutes of “mommy time out” a day Nope.
-Use the evenings to r-e-l-a-x. Nope.
-Make a water tracker for the fridge, use it! Nope.

Okay, so fitness & health was a bust this month. I also weighed myself a day or so ago and realized I’ve gained over 20 pounds from my lowest point when the scale was going down (194) and I was really, really bummed. So, this month it is on. I’m going to be back blogging and posting about fitness more so that I can stay focused with this.

-Get outside each day that the weather allows, at least 30 mins Nope
-One activity each day that we’re not running any errands Nope
-Read for at least 20 minutes everyday Yep. Well, not sure if it was 20 minutes, but I read before bed just about every night and made it through a whole book!

Still working on these in June!

-Finish Home Business planners Yes. See here!
-Complete at least 6 planners in 1/2 size Yep. The budget & fitness planners are A5 sized now!
-Get 5 blogger reviews this month Ugh, no. I REALLY need to be emailing people.

This was a pretty productive month as far as getting new items done in the shop! I have got to get better about taking time to email bloggers.

-Post 4x per week Yes, I think I met this just about every week.
-Get 2 sponsored post jobs No, but I wasn’t applying.
-4,500 Facebook Fans 3,890 (+154)
-3,000 Twitter Followers 2,428 (+99)
-900 IG Followers 780 (+110)
-3,000 Pinterest Followers 2,556 ( +194)
-500 Email Subscribers 581 (+99)
-500 Mailchimp newsletter subscribers 465 (+1 haha)

So, I didn’t meet these goals this month, but I still think it was a pretty good month as far as gaining followers and all that. My focus has really been on creating better blog posts for you guys, and increasing my blogging income some. The followers will happen eventually.

-Work on following routines every day, create a tracker & mark progress Not yet! Working on this in June!


Okay, so let’s look forward to June!

Fitness & Health
-Walk 10+ miles/week
-Drink 6+ glasses of water/day
-Cook at home 6 times/week (watch portions)
-Get into a strength training routine
-Aim to lose 1.5 pounds/week
-Log in my Fit Book everyday (affiliate link)

-one special activity daily
-visit the park at least 1 time/week
-read at least 15 mins, twice a day (he won’t sit still for much more than that!)

-revamp cleaning routine & get it implemented
-revamp “daily plan” & get it implemented
-spend quality time with my husband at least 2 nights/week

-Finish time management, meal, & cleaning planners in A5 size
-get 5 blog reviews

-post 4 times/week
-get 2 sponsored posts (check opps every other day)
-create & implement a daily social media plan

Not setting follower goals this month. Going to create a social media plan and get that implemented and see how that does for me as far as those go.

Okay, so what goals are you setting this month???


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    Your goals make me feel like a total slacker! This motivates me to at least try and set some June goals that don’t include eating gelato and going to the park…

  2. says

    I like to go on evening walks with my family. That is a great way to relax, talk and spend quality time with them and get some exercise in. :) Great goals for next month!

  3. says

    What are blog reviews for your Etsy shop? OK, I’m really not that dense. I swear I’m just clarifying. 😛

    I just posted my financial goals this morning on the blog and definitely need to get all my other goals written out so I can hold myself accountable. There are so many things I need to do (or redo) to get my life back to a less chaotic mess. :)

  4. says

    I’m very happy with all of my social media goals, especially since I’ve only been blogging 1-1/2 years. My email subscription needs work. Do you do anything special to increase your email subscriptions?

    PS – I always enjoy reading your monthly goals!

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    great goals, ma’am. I need to make a goals list like this! Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats on making good progress on your social media goals. Your printables are so cute =)

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    Fun printables! I’m so happy to have found your site via link party at Simply Sweet Home. I’ll visit often. Your list of goals have motivated me to make more specific goals for myself. Thank you!

  7. says

    Good luck with your goals this month!!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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