September Goals Recap + October Goals

Okay guys, I’m gonna level with ya’ll… I’ve noticed that I have been setting the SAME goals forever now and for some reason I just can’t quite seem to reach them every month, so, I’m going to try something a little different this month… I’m going to limit myself to 2-3 goals per “category” that I usually have and see if that works better for me. A lot of what I’m trying to do is develop new habits, so I think I need to work on just a few at a time. Okay, so as usual we’re going to take a look back at September’s goals and see how I did.


-Get Dressed… every morning, first thing… and showered. Either as soon as Josh is up or right after the gym if I go (obviously).
Ugh, no! I really, really want to do this. I stay in my pajamas way too much.

-Get to the gym 3 times a week
Nope. I didn’t go to the gym one single day this month. Yikes!

-Finish new Nicholas Sparks book I downloaded on my Kindle!
OMG no, I actually re-started it last night because I had forgotten what happened I had not read it in so long.

-keep following daily cleaning checklist- get diligent about it
I’m definitely doing better with this, but I wouldn’t consider this done…

-cook 6 times a week
Umm, no, but I am cooking a TON more than I was. At least 4 nights a week, for sure!

-make Josh’s lunches each day (it’s just less painless for everyone if I just do it)
Yes! Sort of… we have been kind of winging it and he’s been making it on the days he can but if he’s in a rush I’ll help him out. We’ve made huge progress on getting into a habit of him taking his lunch instead of buying.

-Tot School 5 times a week
Nope. We’ve been doing tot school, but not this frequently and kind of sporadic, actually. He did learn the words “apple” and “ball” this month and can sort of identify them. He’s good with a ball but for instance today we were at the pumpkin patch and even though he can say pumpkin he kept wanting to call them apples haha! However, he has made HUGE strides with his talking this month since I’ve been putting in more effort with him.

-Outside time daily (his maw maw and paw paw brought him a big outside play set) when weather allows.
No, It took until today for my husband to get the yard situated, and then tomorrow he has to weed-eat so we can get back out there. No biggie because the temperatures are just now getting to where we can stand to be out longer than 5 minutes.

-Read before nap and bed time daily
Sort of. We’ve been reading a lot more but still not a habit yet.

-post 4 times a week

-promote posts 4 times a week

-do social media tracker M-F
Sort of! I’m getting better!

-hit 35,000 page views/month

-re-do sidebar ads
Not yet! I took them all down for now and I’m going to be re-vamping my whole sponsorship program.

-fix affiliate links in old posts
Working on it! Also need to work on SEO for old posts and fix some photo issues with my way older posts.

-list the rest of the home business planners

-create ultimate diy planner in black & white
Yep! Just need to list it ;)

-make full sized versions of the ultimate diy planner
Not yet.

-work on blogging A5 sized planners
Not yet.

-PROMOTE!! (share etsy stuff on fb groups, youtube, instagram, facebook)
Getting there! Took some stylized photos of some things to start sharing this week.

-host 2 giveaways this month
Meep! Just one!

-contact 15 bloggers or youtubers for reviews
No, no, no!

-Labor Day & Fall sales (1st & 23rd)

-research, research, research! learn about vlogging & youtube

-do 1-2 videos per week
Nope. But I have 3 planned this week!


Okay, so now that we’ve seen my miserable not really a failure but kind of… we can go onto October’s goals. It’s going to be hard to narrow these down, but I’m going to try and pick my TOP goals to work on and make those the most important for this month. Okay, here we go…

October Goals

-Get DRESSED every morning.. even if it’s just fresh clothes! ;) We don’t discriminate against workout or yoga pants as regular clothing here.
-READ A BOOK. Dear lord, please take some time for yourself and read a book. I REALLY want to read this Nicholas Sparks book!
-UNPLUG from lunch til Liam is in bed everyday

-Tot School/learning activity 3 times a week minimum
-Read before nap & bedtime

-Drink 4 bottles of water a day
-Get active at least 3 days a week (gym or family walks in the park)

-Cook at home 6 nights a week
-Cleaning Checklist habit tracker

-Daily social media promotions + tracker

-List B&W A5 planner kit
-Work on Holiday Planning Kit!

Okay, so that’s it! Those are going to be my MAIN focus this month. Are you setting any goals this month??

How I Divide My Revenue from Selling On Etsy + FREE Printable

Hello, lovelies! I have a super post for ya’ll today. I am sharing how I divide my revenue from my business selling on Etsy! The best part about this post is that you can take these same principles and basically apply them to any home business and even your blog if you are making an income from that! Plus, there’s a freebie for you, of course! I’m sharing an income tracker worksheet you can use to track your money and where it is going!

How I Divide My Revenue from Selling on Etsy + Free Printable

I read this somewhere several months into my business, and I’m not really sure why the idea of investing back into my business never occurred to me, but I was thankful for this piece of advice early on in my business. The writer suggested splitting your revenue to pay for supplies, marketing, etc… Now, of course you pay for supplies either way if you have a handmade business where you create things, but otherwise you still have marketing and taxes to account for. You can split the money however you like, but I recommend starting out with dividing it into 5 categories. Income, Taxes, Marketing, Supplies, and Bill/Fees if you sell online or have regular fees or bills to pay into your business.

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Ipsy Bag Review September 2014 [Street Style]


Hey guys, I hope you are ready! This is my FAVORITE Ipsy bag to date! I LOVED the bag to start, and I also got some really great products to try! Here we go! I’ll show you what & got with the item’s value and then at the end I’ll share more about Ipsy and how it works!

Ipsy Bag September 2014- the Street Style Glam Bag

Did I mention I LOVE this bag?? I have to find something to use this bag for ASAP.

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How I Put A Stop To My Toddler’s “Bad Behavior”- Part TWO


Hey guys! I’m back today with Part 2 of my story about how I put a stop to his “bad behavior”… if you didn’t see Part 1, read that first!

Okay, so when I left off with the last post I was talking about how we made a change to stop all spanking or popping (as much as possible, at least) and to start working on time out for punishments when they were really warranted. However, I was still stressed, and little man was spending time in time out a few times a day. I still had this bad feeling in my gut like there had to be a better way.

How I Put a Stop to My Toddler's "Bad Behavior"

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How I Put a Stop to My Toddler’s “Bad Behavior”- Part ONE

Hey, mamas… does your toddler ever drive you absolutely batty sometimes? I know mine does. My little one is just getting into that “terrible twos” phase. He stays at home with me all day, which of course means he knows how to push all of the buttons and what he can get away with when mom is tired and just trying to have one adult conversation for the day on the phone. He is my first child, and so it has been a real learning experience. I’ve worked with children before, but like they say, it never compares to your own.

Over the past few months, my little one and I had gotten into a real rut. We were both going a little bit crazy, one day at a time, and his behavior had gotten AWFUL! As a stay-at-home mom it is really easy to just fall into this funk, which I think rubs off on my child and puts him into a funk as well. It finally got so bad… I was seriously thinking that my little one hated me! It was terrible, terrible, terrible. I knew something had to change. Here’s what I did to pull us out of the rut & fix his “bad behavior.” I put that into quotes because I really and truly don’t believe that kids this young can just be bad, I know he acts out sometimes, but that’s truly and honestly on me, not him. Okay, here we go… just hear me out.

How I Put a Stop to My Toddler's "Bad Behavior"

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FALL SALE! 30% off Everything in my Shop!


Happy Fall, ya’ll!

The “official” first day of Fall is Tuesday, never mind the fact that I’ve already drank my weight in pumpkin spice frappuccinos!

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5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business + Free Social Media Checklist

5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business + a FREE Social Media Checklist!

Hello!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! Today I’m talking about Social Media… aggravating, wonderful Social Media. It can be tricky to figure out just the right formula to really see steady growth on social media, which is what you really need to grow your blog or business. I have a list of things I do daily to grow my social media accounts. I’ve been following this for a few months now, and I haven’t been perfect, but I have seen steady growth which makes me happy. So, today I’m sharing 5 social media tips to grow your blog or business, and I’m giving you guys my to-do list printable FREE! It includes all of the steps to take on social media each day for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. There’s also a place to track your stats for the week to see how you did! I normally only work on social media on Monday-Friday but I included 6 checkboxes to span 6 days a week, and left off the 7th, because by then you deserve a break! Okay, so here we go…

5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business + Free Daily Social Media Checklist!


5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business

1. Twitter Lists

Of course a big part of Twitter is interacting and networking through favorites, retweets, etc… You should be using your twitter lists! Create a list for networking, create a list of bloggers you love…  anyone you want to connect with on Twitter. Organize people into lists so you are not going in blindly trying to find people to retweet and favorite. You don’t want to retweet a bunch of stuff at one time, so use Buffer to space out your retweets through the day (even if you can only get onto Twitter once a day!)

2. Instagram Hashtags

To grow your Instagram followers, search for common or popular hashtags. Go through and like, comment, and even follow new people who post with these hashtags. If you use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, you’ll make new, valuable connections!

3. Pinterest Strategy

I am so guilty of getting on Pinterest and just repinning everything I see that I like. However, did you know that it is ALSO important to like other pins, comment on other pins, and to pin content from the ORIGINAL source? That means you click the Pin It button on the website or blog. Apparently, all of these actions make you look valuable in the eyes of Pinterest! I try to include a combination of these in my daily list.

4. Share, share, share on Facebook

But not just YOUR stuff! It’s good to have a mix of posts on Facebook to really get a good reach going. Each day, share two blog posts or articles that aren’t yours, but that are relevant to your readers, share one photo- maybe a meme or inspirational quote, ask one question each day, too. Then, of course, share your blog post or some content for your business once a day (or maybe twice!). A mixture of posts makes your page look good in the eyes of Facebook.

5. Use Just Unfollow

I use Just Unfollow for Twitter and Instagram. I don’t want to continue following people who are not following me, especially if I have no special interest in following their stuff. I use Just Unfollow to quickly see who isn’t following me so I can unfollow them unless I want to keep them on my lists for whatever reason.

Okay! So there are 5 of my little more advanced tips to share with you guys today. I’m just wondering- are any of you out there looking for more beginner social media tips? Let me know! I would love to know if you guys would be interested in more posts on social media! I have two other posts you can see here.

5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business + a FREE Social Media Checklist

I made TWO versions of this checklist for you guys, so you can grab whichever color scheme you like best! Click the links to download from Google Docs-


Blue & Gray

P.S… make sure you stop by my shop to see if there are any other organizational printables you might need!

5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Blog or Business + a FREE Social Media Checklist

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16 Football & Tailgating Party Snacks

16 Football & Tailgating Party Snacks

Football season is officially in full swing! We are HUGE Alabama fans.. Roll Tide! & I love having a fun game day, even when it’s just my husband and I. My favorite part is making fun snacks for the game, and finding stuff that my husband really enjoys.

Today I’m rounding up 16 Football & Tailgating Party Snacks… pin some of these and keep them as ideas for your next football party!

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September Giveaway! $90 Printable Planner Set + $25 Staples GC

Hello, lovelies! It has been a while since I hosted a giveaway here on this blog, so this is long overdue! I’m going to try to get back into hosting them once a month, so be sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Here’s this month’s giveaway-


Click here to get all the DEETS on the Completely Organized (Get It All) Planning Kit!

It’s a $90 value, folks! Whaaat?! Plus, who doesn’t love a good Staples gift card? Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win!

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