10 Free or Cheap Date Night Ideas + a FREE Babysitter Printable

10 Free or Cheap Date Night Ideas + A Free Babysitter Printablesource

Hectic back-to-school time is upon us, so I felt like it was a good time to share 10 FREE (or at least CHEAP) date night ideas that mom and dad can use to get a break from all the hustle and bustle of this time of year. BONUS! I’ve included a great printable for you to use for the babysitter! Write down emergency info and information about your kiddos to make babysitter time a breeze… for you and the sitter!

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August Julep Maven Box Reveal- Get Your First Box FREE!


August Julep Maven Box Reveal

Hey guys!! I’m back with my August (and my last- for a while, anyway) Julep Maven Box Reveal. I LOVE this box, and as you can see I got tons of great stuff this month, but we are really trying to recoup our savings from this move, so I’m cutting a few things for now. I am still keeping Ipsy, of course, and I am thinking the Bluum box- I am still not convinced on the Bluum vs. Citrus Lane debate, but I get another Citrus Lane box this week, so I’ll make my decision on that and let you guys know in that post!

I had lots of Julep Jules- rewards points for referring others, so I took advantage by adding several goodies to my box this month. The things that were automatically included this month (not add-ons) were the polishes and the neutrals eyeshadow palette. As always, Julep is the only subscription box that is TOTALLY customizable. You pick your polish colors and your beauty product that you receive from a few different options.

August Julep Maven Box Reveal- Wanderlust!

I love neutral eyeshadow. I have so many and I love them all. I knew I was going to love this palette, too. The Julep eye shadow brush you see here was a part of my extra add-ons I purchased using my rewards points. It was a part of the Start to Finish Eye Kit.

August Julep Maven Box Revew- Wanderlust!

These are the other items that came in the Start to Finish Eye Kit- I LOVE this blank canvas primer, I’ve ordered it before and needed some more, so this was perfect. I am excited to try the lengthening mascara, too! The little pot is some very pretty creme eyeshadow.

August Julep Maven Box Reveal- Wanderlust

And, of course, here are my polishes! I picked these because I felt like they would be great colors for fall starting soon and maybe even the holidays!

August Julep Maven Box Reveal- Wanderlust!

Here’s a closer view. :)

I am definitely sad to see this box go, but I have accumulated lots of nail polish, for sure. I will be set for quite a while. I may pick this box back up after the first of the year.

If you would like to join and become a Julep Maven, the cost is $19.99 a month for a 3 month subscription (& your first month is FREE with code FREESIZZLE)
Become a Maven today and enter the code FREESIZZLE at check out to remove the cost of your first box!

OR you can do month to month for $24.99 and get your first month free with code FREEBOX!
Click here —> Julep Maven Subscription

The polishes alone retail for $14 a piece, so this is a really great deal. You’ll always receive a beauty product or cosmetic item with your box, too, and like I said, it is COMPLETELY customizable. YOU choose what you get in your box!

Okay, so I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these Maven boxes, and maybe we will see them back, soon. Hopefully! ;)

5 Things I Wish I Had Done in My Son’s First Two Years

5 things I wish I had done in my son's first two years...

My little boogie. I can’t believe he is going to be 2 years old in just a few short months! I’ve been reflecting back a lot lately I guess because we are so near this milestone. I love looking back at photos of a chunkier, balder version of my son… watching things like his first time crawling, his first steps, etc… and I feel a little pang of guilt¬†when I watch these things and look at photos.

We all deal with this mommy guilt from time to time, for one reason or another, but I felt sometimes like I really kind of screwed up, and there are some things I want to do differently from here on out and with our future babies. I know my son has no idea, and these things probably haven’t impacted him in any real way, but I know, and I realize my shortcomings and really, really want to make a difference.

Here are 5 things I wish I had done in my sons first two years…..

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5 Tips for Staying Hydrated + Free Printables


Water, water, water…. I remember my dad fussing at me constantly as a teenager, telling me to drink MORE WATER! I never really got it, I’ll admit.. until I got older and really started to realize the affects that water has and what dehydration can do to the body.

Here are just a few examples of what staying hydrated can do for your body…

5 Tips for Staying Hydrated + FREE printables


According to this infographic, 75% of people in North America are chronically dehydrated. I know that I am part of that 75% for sure.. and that has got to change! A few symptoms of dehydration include thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, dark-colored urine, headache, and fainting. I know for me, the fatigue is a huge factor. I am ALWAYS tired, and I feel like a big part of it is just not getting enough water. I’ve always read that a good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day, so I need to be drinking 100 ounces a day!

5 Tips for Staying Hydrated + FREE Water Tracker Printables

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19 Month Bluum Box Review


19 Month Bluum Box Review

Hey guys! It’s that time again for another Bluum box! This past month we got our 19 month Bluum box and as always, it was perfect!

19 Month Bluum Box Review

I feel like they’re reading my mind every month with this box! The experts behind Bluum curate these boxes each month tailored to all different age groups and the child’s gender, so they’re sure that Bluum subscribers will get relevant products that they can use and try with their little ones!

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August Health & Fitness Update- New Beginnings!

Hey guys! Okay, I believe I have decided… finally… that monthly updates are better for me for my weight loss and health and fitness. I am excited to be back on this journey and I really feel like my whole mental attitude and outlook on weight loss has finally changed and I’m at a place where I can really be successful. I haven’t shared my weight or measurements in a while, so I don’t have much to compare to, but I’m going to go ahead and share my re-starting point.

August Health & Fitness Update

I’m using my printables from the Health & Fitness Planning Kit to track my measurements monthly & my weight weekly.

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Dealing With Food Addiction- 5 Things to Remember

Hey guys. I’m here today with a post that is really close to me. As some of you might know, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I managed to lose almost 40 lbs last year with diet and exercise. However, that year seems so long ago now. I’ve gained 20 of those lbs back and I have been struggling every single day since to regain control over my eating habits. I’ve gone through a vicious cycle of eating, feeling guilty, eating because I feel guilty, and so on…¬† over and over.

It has taken me many months to get to the point where I am now. I am tired of feeling awful everyday. I am tired of not having energy anymore, and I’m tired of my stalled (and for the better part almost ruined) weight loss progress. I’m tired of not having the energy to do things with my son and my husband. It has gotten to where the garbage food makes me sick almost instantly when I eat it, and I cannot have dairy… at. all. Alcohol makes me feel terrible, too, after just one drink. I am chronically dehydrated. Basically, I just have not been taking care of myself.

I have been struggling for the past month or so doing this, knowing deep down that it was time to make a change. I struggle with my self-discipline and of course, my whole relationship with food. I’ve never been “officially” diagnosed and I know a lot of people out there may think food addiction is not a real thing, but trust me, it is all too real for me and for many others out there. It seems as though I get into a rut with food, and of course exercise falls off the radar, too, because what’s the point in working out when you ate fast food for both lunch and dinner? Right? Anyway, I feel as though I have finally reached that point and I am ready for a change. So, today I wanted to share 5 things that I find important when it comes to dealing with my food addiction.

Dealing With Food Addiction- 5 Things to Remember

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August Goals!


Hey guys! It is so nice to get getting settled in and back to a routine. You may or may not know that we made a big move this past month from Greenville, NC to Birmingham, AL. We are so happy to be back home and close to family! Things have finally been getting into our “new normal” and it is awesome. I’ve missed this blog, for sure. So, I’m back to working towards my goals again and kind of re-assessing things some. I am really feeling like it is time for me to get my health and fitness back on track. Things have been really, way off, especially with this move and all the chaos. I am burnt out on all the garbage food and ready to start feeling better now. Since the last time I lost weight I’ve gained back about 20 lbs, and I let myself feel bad about it and guilty enough, it’s time to do something different. So, here we go! I’ve also decided to start hanging my fitness/weight loss goals on the fridge in the kitchen and my other goals in my office so that I can see them everyday! Also, I know I set goals for July, but a lot of nothing happened in July except the move, getting ready for the move, and getting settled from the move, so we won’t even go there. Here are my new goals for August!

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Sensationally Sunkissed- July Ipsy Glam Bag Review


Hey guys, I know I’m running late on the July Ipsy Glam Bag… I received it the day before we were set to move, but I wanted to make sure and share what came in the bag this month. The theme for this month’s bag is Sensationally Sunkissed… with lots of great products for summer!

July Ipsy Glam Bag- Sensationally Sunkissed

I love this bright pink bag this month and I think the theme is just perfect!

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15 Fun and Free Back to School Printables

Hey ya’ll, it’s that time again! The kiddos are going to be heading back to school soon, so I thought I’d roundup some great fun and free back to school printables for ya’ today! I’ll be honest, my little one isn’t school age yet, we are starting “tot school” this year, but these printables really make me excited for his school days. I think that the idea of making back to school time fun and exciting is so great. So, here are some great printable ways to get your kids excited for school!

15 Fun & FREE Back to School Printables

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